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The Netherlands


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We at Het Actiefonds are witnessing a growing number of requests for assistance. These come from activists who are themselves in difficult financial situations and yet make time to support their communities and fight against the systems that are destroying our planet.

For over 55 years, we have stood against apartheid, for justice, and for mutual solidarity. Because the freedom of one is intertwined with the freedom of another. It is solely thanks to our donors that we can contribute to global change.

Together with you, we support those at blockades. Those who chain themselves to trees out of radical love for life. The participants in mass demonstrations who unite to stand against systemic violence.

Rise up! Join Het Actiefonds!


If you prefer to make a tax-free donation, or would like to include the fund in your will,click here

Waarom doneren aan Het Actiefonds

  • Het Actiefonds supports movements at the forefront of the struggle.
  • Het Actiefonds is independent and does not take money from governments or corporations.
  • Local activists all over the globe can be supported with your help.
  • You join a gobal movements that fights for a better world.